The event's organization 


RIO EXPO EVENTOS is a company that organizes fairs, exhibitions and congresses that has been operating for over 26 years in major events throughout Brazil.

It has been leading the EXPO CAKES BRASIL event for 9 years, organizing the exhibition, class schedule, competitions, among other attractions.

Its team of architects and marketing create exhibitor participation strategies in a unique way in the market, never seen in any other event in the field, since it works directly with companies, providing not only their participation in stands, but also maintaining contact with your potential customers in a direct way, attracting them to the realization of your partnerships.

We also have a Classes Nucleus composed of coordinators, all from the confectionery area, who guide and train Team Cake - 150 bakers who work directly in the organization of classes.

Its directors have been working in the fair market for over 30 years and for 15 years also in the area of ​​artistic confectionery, combining their experiences to make the event one of the biggest in Brazil.

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